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Soft Landscaping and Maintenance

Soft LandscapingSoft Landscaping

The arrangement of the plants in your garden is normally the point that most get excited about, it’s the finishing touches, but it can also be daunting with the vast choice of species and colours. Consideration needs to be given to the area that the plants will go into and the conditions that it will experience, then the fun can really begin with choosing a colour scheme or overall theme – Japanese garden, classic English rose garden, edible kitchen garden, all white flowers or just yellow and orange?

You may already know exactly what you want to fill your garden with and we can play with placing plants in situ with you onsite before actual planting, or we can produce planting plans that detail the size, quantity and outlay for a complete area or section. It is important to decide on how much of an initial impact you want to create when first planting and the costs involved, some will naturally have the desire for smaller plants that they can nurture, train and watch grow over the years, whilst others prefer to see the space full of abundance to appreciate straight away, or a good mixture of the two.

The lawn area is fairly often the central point of view for many, so a high quality, appearance and durable turf will provide the area you require. Grass doesn’t need to be thought of as just a flat green mat, you could decide to create a wild meadow area with varying grasses or have it groomed perfectly for a chequered effect, the choice is yours.


MaintenanceNot everyone has the free time to maintain a garden, and for some any that they do have would be much preferred sat enjoying the view rather than weeding and pruning. This is where our maintenance plan will help.

We can implement a weekly, monthly or quarterly plan, dependant on your needs, maybe a seasonal tidy up to give you a boost. Or taking care of your garden whilst you are on holiday. We can also come to your garden and give you one to one individual advice on specific plants, or an area that you’re not sure how to attend to.

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