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Client / Location:Small Urban Garden, Highgate, London
Date:May 28, 2013

Small Urban Garden

This garden was initially a flat un-enthused garden with a simple low wall surrounding the garden making the area look even more ‘blocky’. The client, a cook and writer, wanted a garden which would be looked out on for the whole year as the kitchen was their office and as an entertainment area whilst maintaining space enough for the family to enjoy everyday life.

The garden area was designed to make the most of its size and take into account the differing levels of the neighbouring gardens which had caused the necessity for the unsightly perimeter walls that did no use to the gardens aesthetic appearance.

The result is a garden which flows and invites the user to rest amongst the planting and to appreciate the calmness of the smooth flowing space.

The large sweeping spiral shaped bench acts as a retaining wall and also as a seating area for around 20 people whilst encourage conversation and involvement.

The bench surrounds the family lawn and is big enough for small ones to play on and is surrounding by low maintenance all year round interest with statements of interest by using Amelanchier for appreciation during restful periods.