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Client / Location:Rural Country Garden, Wallingford, Oxfordshire
Date:May 17, 2013

Rural Country Garden

This large garden within the grounds of a country house was already divided into areas by fences and hedging but lacked unity and form, the new garden led the user from area to area with large scale landscaping and simple planting schemes which held pockets of colour and interest. The backbones of the garden were strong and well built creating all year round interest.

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  • Duck Pond & Chicken Coop

    The old duck pond was in the wrong position dug into the side of a hill and sitting un-naturally, the new pond was excavated at the lowest point of the wooded area and the bare shape was sculpted with machinery leaving a small section proud as an island bed for a duck house. The liner was then laid in place sandwiched between pond fleece to protect the liner from the perforation by the flint in the ground, this was then covered with up to 30cm of soil whilst being gradually filled with water. The planting was then completed to create a natural feel and fitted with a fishing deck to pass time after the pond was stocked with fish from a friendly neighbours fishing pond.

  • Formal area and steps

    The ‘back door’ to the property looked straight out onto a unsightly set of steps that led to a ill fitted swimming pool, the pool and steps were removed and replaced with a large grand flight of sweeping steps leading up to a formal herbaceous planting area. The area is seen down onto from further into the garden and also from the top floors of the property creating a tapestry of changing colour throughout the year, Box balls accentuate the steps and lead the eye through the steps to the upper area and back down again.

  • Dining & Entertaining area

    This area directly outside of the kitchen was constructed to be the hub of the gardens entertainment, a pizza oven fitted against the large wall created a visual point against an otherwise bare wall and the sweeping steps led the eye and invited users to investigate what lay beyond. The large expanse of reclaimed York stone was broken up with a chequered area of paving surrounded by a frame of reclaimed granite setts and the seating area fitted well within the space. The ground level increased steadily as you moved away from the house and in order to get the size of terrace in that was required a retaining wall was required, this was constructed from solid concrete blocks and then faced with natural woven willow and capped with a cedar coping to act as further seating for entertainment. The planting was kept simple yet alluring and the terrace was punctuated with Standard Bay trees in large terracotta pots.

  • Play House

    A dark unused corner of the garden within eye shot of the main entertainment terrace and house was chosen for a novel play house. Initial thoughts were discussed and drawn up before work commenced on this tucked away play house. Topped with Ivy and flanked by large trees and shrubs the play house looked like something out of a fairy tale, with its child sized doors and fitted with lights and an outside deck with slide the area encouraged imaginative play and has been much used since its installation.

  • Veg Plot

    Constructed over the old pond position the sloping area first had to be levelled and graded to fit into the flowing landscape beyond. The clients loved cut flowers and growing their own produce so a large Victorian style garden was designed to fit the area and then constructed to house an impressive glass house and formal raised beds which enabled easy access to all types of possible planting, with lots of good healthy manure, fruit cages and relatively easy labour a successful first season of soft fruit and vegetables was seen.

  • Tennis court

    An old grass tennis court was given an overhaul to aid drainage and to give a good sound base to the new court, topsoil was imported and spread by laser grader to ensure a level playing area and large steel posts were installed in the corners with Stainless steel guide wires between which held weighted nets which could be drawn whilst in use and then opened in order to not spoil the open views of the garden in general.