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Client / Location:Private client, Northants
Date:September 13, 2013

High maintenance

Returning to sites which we’ve worked on is always a pleasure and this garden is no exception, to get to see a garden maturing is not something we always get a chance to see. We return to this garden regularly as the clients ask us to “prune and trim” to assist their main gardener. The garden is full of topiary and formal hedges, but well interspersed with flowering herbaceous perennials and bulbs. The Alliums Purple flowers add a really architectural elegance to the Knot features and look striking against the natural stone walls. Box pruned Hornbeams (Carpinus betulus), low and medium height Box hedge (Buxus sempervirens) and shaped Yew (Taxus baccatta) in balls and pitched hedges provide the backbones to the schemes.

Earlier this year we also gave their formal pool an overhaul. The whole pool was cleared out, old render replaced and pumps cleaned.  The reflective pool was then refilled with water and 4 UV filter pumps were added to aid water clarity and the pending algal bloom – all pools go through this when first filled as the water and its flora and fauna reach a balance which maintains a natural clarity, an issue which should be left to Mother Nature and not resolved with chemicals which will only delay the bloom.

The central pumps are fitted with foaming fountain attachments adding some sound and movement to make the area a further delight to sit in.