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Client / Location:Private Client, Ketton, Rutland
Date:September 13, 2013

Dry stone wall

This dry stone wall in Ketton, Rutland was in a state of disrepair following a few bad winters and the growth behind steadily pushing on the wall. We first removed the Cock & Hen coping and set to one side ready to go back onto the wall, then began removing the wall stone by stone stacking out on the ground ready for reuse in approx. coursings. Everything was going really well until we found the small colony of bees which were located at one end of the wall- the guys ran all directions, who’d have thought that tiny orange and black buzzy things could move staff so quickly!! Anyhow, the wall finally became dismantled, the bees settled back down as the main nest was in the neighbours garden wall, and we started rebuilding from the ground.

Stone by stone we steadily built the wall and the work took little over a week to construct. Thankfully we had enough stone to complete the clients’ side and needed to incorporate only a few square meters of stone for the scrub lands rear of the wall. The Cock & Hen’ was also replaced and added to with reclaimed stone in order to complete the wall. Cock and Hen coping locks the 2 sides of the wall in place and creates a random traditional look to stone coping.

The new wall looks great and is slightly taller than previously, framing the garden beautifully. Natural stone has such a charm about it and laid well looks even better!