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Hard Landscaping

Hard LandscapingRichard and the team at Red Sky landscapes have many years of experience and know how to deliver great results, whether the garden has been designed by ourselves, a professional designer, yourself or a friend around the corner. When you require a company to fulfil your vision, then we are the company for you.

Our working knowledge of many different materials gives us the credentials to create spaces that stand the test of time and work harmoniously with their surroundings.

  • You may have a full landscape design and specification to which we can work, in which case we would visit, measure up and cost for.
  • You may have a scale drawing which has been produced for you but have no specification, upon which we can obtain measurements from; we produce estimates and quotes based on our own practical, sound knowledge.
  • You may just have an idea, which we can listen to and then produce an estimate for by either producing a simple low cost design to scale your ideas, or work to ‘rough’ costs based on our discussions. 

Timber Construction

Whichever way suits your budgets or your personal style we can work with it.

Whether its timber, metal, natural stone, concrete, water or planting you’re looking for, we can assist. Members of our team have received awards and recognition within the industry for high quality gardens and features which stand up to the highest of standards and can work within your budget to create the space you are looking for.

If a designer has been employed to produce the overall scheme then we can either work with them to realise the final vision, or take on the project and work with you in order to do so.  We have numerous ways in which to implement a design or idea and can tailor our services to meet your needs.

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