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Design Services

Once you decide you want to create an outside space, that’s personal to you, having a professionally designed garden is the first step to creating that wow factor or just making the area more manageable.

Each garden, courtyard, landscape or estate is unique and therefore requires individual planning to bring out the best that the area has to offer. Buildings, boundaries, neighbouring features and distant views all play a part in the overall scheme and are often incorporated for the area in question.

By carefully considering these elements and taking on board your ideas and thoughts, we and our designers can offer solutions to enhance your space and fulfill its potential.

Garden Design ServicesWe have met many clients whose first words when we arrive are “sorry about the mess, it’s a bit hard to manage” or “I’m not a gardener but would like something…..more!” or simply “what would you do?” and more often than not they either do not know what they would like in the garden or have a huge list of everything that they’d like to ‘fit in’.

These are common scenarios and whatever the problem is you would not be alone. We can discuss your ideas and the way in which a space shall be used and looked after so that we can then tailor a design that will not only fit the area but deliver aesthetically pleasing results too.

Although we carry out work for individual clients we can also design practical and aesthetically pleasing schemes or features for commercial and property developers too, whether it be for an improved outdoor staff area, children’s play area, a show home garden to impress or a scheme for an entire development site we can work with you, your architects or designers to deliver great individual results that are unique to your requirements.

We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and then delivering great results.

The design of an area will not only take in all considerations of the soil types, light and shade, height and width restrictions, but will also include the key points as to how you will actually use your space and any entertainment you may want to do in it, so whether you have an entire list or sat wondering where to start we can help you to deliver the vision you’re looking for.

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